Marz’s motivation

Marz’s motivation

It was Saturday, Aug. 23—two days before classes began at Saint Joseph’s University. Freshman Avery Marz was putting the finishing touches on her dorm room. As a new member of the women’s basketball ...

Bring on the sun

Hagan Arena received a new addition to its structure on February 18th. This project, led by the Green Fund, has been in the works for quite some time.

Course Hero

Course Hero, an academic content collecting website, has stirred up conversations amongst the community at Saint Joseph’s University.

Better off without

Inspired by the Washington Post’s Outlook magazine Spring Cleaning feature, these students from the Intro to Reporting and Writing class of Dan Reimold, Ph.D., assistant professor of journalism, determined what they think Saint Joseph’s University would be better off without.

Potty training

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears.

I was walking past that bulletin board in Merion Hall one day (you all know the one—where every single flyer on campus imaginable is posted), the gentle breeze fluttering those rainbow-hued papers in the wake of Hawks rushing to class.


If you searched the words “Beyoncé” and “flawless” on Google prior to a week ago, you’d likely find videos of the singer performing her song, titled “Flawless,” or photos from her magazine shoots in which she did, in fact, appear to be without flaws.

App review: Dubsmash

The new app Dubsmash allows people to record videos and messages using audio clips from their favorite movies, TV shows, songs, Internet videos, and historical quotes and send them out to their friends. 

Art and soul

The exhibit itself is pristine, with crisp scrolls of white paper neatly lining the gallery walls. On display are perfectly-shaped petals that fan out to form clean spirals and fluid lines that twist skillfully in and out, tracing down the wall in thin waves. Altogether, it is a picture of perfect order, precision, and artistic focus.

Curb your Lenten cravings

As many of you know, the season of Lent is upon us. During the season, practicing members of the Catholic faith are encouraged to give up something they indulge in for 40 days and refrain from consuming meat on Fridays. 

St. Joe's baseball heads west

The Saint Joseph’s University Hawks’ baseball team opened up their season with a three-game series against Loyola Marymount (5-2) this past weekend in Los Angeles, California. The Hawks won the first game 3-2 but dropped both games on Saturday 7-3 and 10-0, respectively.

Hawks can't hang on

On Saturday night, the Saint Joseph’s University men’s basketball team faced off against St. Bonaventure and was dealt a tough 70-60 loss in overtime.