Good morning, graduates

The Saint Joseph’s University class of 2016 will graduate under white tents on Maguire Campus. The ceremony will progress as usual—with one important change.

We're not in Philly anymore

Since leaving my home in Central Pennsylvania to start college in August of 2013, I’ve lived in several different homes in many new areas.  In 2015 alone, I had four.  I spent the spring semester residing in Lannon Hall, the duration of my summer sharing a home in Maryland with three fellow interns, and the fall semester back at Saint Joseph’s University in one of the... cozy... townhouses situated behind Moore Hall, with a few intermittent weeks back at my childhood home.  Despite the various joys of student living (shared laundry, blown fuses, loss of hot water, and so many bugs) my new home is worlds away—literally.  Even with the “typical student apartment” feel of my new residence in Cork City, Ireland, where I am spending the semester abroad, there are some distinct differences from all of my U.S.

Ad Hawk

If you ask a current freshmen or a former resident of McShain Hall about their dorm, they will undoubtedly describe it as the “coziest” dorm on campus.

Kristen’s Kitchen: Dorm room kitchen tricks

Transitioning to cooking in college is tough. I personally love my mom’s cooking; Having to go from eating it every day in high school to making meals on my own was definitely hard. Here are some things I’ve learned along the way that have helped me better my college cooking experience.

"Get thee to a nunnery'

We’ve all heard the myth, likely upon our first visit to campus, tossed in along with fun facts about the highest point on Hawk Hill and the stone faces in Barbelin courtyard.

Top 10 Apartment essentials

So, you’ve (almost) survived a full year of living in a dorm, and visions of apartments are dancing in your head. With housing selection approaching quickly, the choices between Lannon Hall, Rashford Hall, Ashwood Hall, Lancaster Court, and Pennbrook Apartments is looming.

'On the right track'

The Saint Joseph’s University men’s and women’s track and field teams had impressive weekends at the Penn State National Invitational on Friday, Jan. 29 and Saturday, Jan. 30. The two teams combined for 10 IC4A and ECAC Championship-qualifying times, in addition to a number of personal records for other athletes.